Oil Paintings - Travel Inspired and Miscellaneous

As an artist I find myself drawn to images where I can capture a specific mood or time of day whether they take the form of being realistic, expressionistic, abstract, symbolic or a combination of genres. Many of these works are inspired by recent trips to Maine, Colorado, California, Arizona and Virginia.  

Feeding Time
Oil on Wood Panel
36"H x 24"W
Floral Propulsion
Mixed Media Collage (monotype on canvas board, oil paint, paper and fabric)
20"H x 16"W/Framed: 26"x22"
Purple Peonies
Oil on Linen
12"H x 9"W/Framed: 14.25"x11.375
New Hope
Oil on Linen
11"H x 14"W
Low Tied
Oil on Canvas
24"H x 24"W/Frame: 30.5"x30.5"
Storm Peak Slope
Oil on Canvas
20"H x 10"W
Oil on Canvas
30" x 30"
Winslow's View
Oil on Linen
9"H x 12"W
Scarlet Firethorn
Oil on Canvas
20"H x 10"W
Apples and Blue Bottle
Oil on Masonite
10"H x 11.5"W/Frame: $350
Eastern Shore
Oil on Linen Canvas
12" x 16"
Chesapeake Sunset
Oil on Linen Canvas
18"H x 24"W
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© 2018 by Emily Gilman Beezley                                                         egilbeez@gmail.com 

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