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In the month since moving we have been putting up curtains, getting new bathmats and couch cushions and figuring out all the small details that make a house a home. Now we are hanging artwork on BLANK WALLS! Yay - one of my favorite challenges! Some artwork is deeply personal and will forever stay in the family. Paintings of my husband with our children, artwork from other artists that inspire me and beloved pet portraits. Below are two paintings hung in our master bedroom. So what is hanging on your walls (and does it spark joy?) or do you have (GASP) blank walls...

"The Ballet Rehearsal" 16"H x 20"W Oil on Canvas

This was the first ballet painting I did inspired by my daughter's dance lessons. At the time she was 7 years old dancing as a 'Water Lily' in a ballet based on Monet's paintings of Giverny to music by Debussy. Here I depict young dancers In a school auditorium waiting for their moment to rehearse on stage. They are fidgety and anxious to dance. Their postures are emphasized by the strong lighting against a velvety dark background that gives the painting a strong chiaroscuro effect.

"Mia" 8"H x 10"W Oil on Masonite 

A portrait of one of our cats - Mia is my husband's lap cat and he loves the painting which captures her beauty and personality. 

In the News: "Monarch Sunset Start to Finish" a 24 second YouTube Video.

June 30: Congratulations to Sally H.W. in Tucson AZ who won my limited edition 1K puzzle "Ocean at Night". You can watch the live drawing here on Facebook

June 18 - September 16: "JAM at MAM" Jersey Artist Marketplace at Montclair Art Museum was created to help our artist community, NJ agencies that serve human needs and MAM. My entries are #356 "New Hope" and #358 "Coastal Sunset"

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