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October 30, 2018 News from the Studio

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

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Crepe Myrtle or Crape Myrtle? "Among gardeners, nurseries, retailers, and bloggers, there seems to be some division on how to spell our beloved Crape Myrtle. It is Crepe or Crape? You may have seen any of the following: crape myrtle, crapemyrtle, crepemyrtles and crepe myrtles.The scientific name is lagerstroemia crape myrtle. The traditional Southern spelling is Crepe Myrtle (because the delicate flowers resemble crepe paper). However, across the US, it is more commonly found as Crape Myrtle." - garden.com

Whatever spelling is used these "Lilacs of the South" are lovely and the inspiration for my latest painting!

"Virginia Crepe Myrtles"  12"H x 16"W  Oil on Linen

After a very long drive, I reached my Dad and Stepmom's home on the Eastern Shore of Virginia where I was struck by how the light hit the tunnel of foliage over their crushed shell driveway. Without pausing I went straight to the house and despite going back at the same time of day during my stay, I was unable to recreate that same light effect. "Virginia Crepe Myrtles" is done using reference photos colored by my memory of a singular moment.

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Emily Gilman Beezley

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