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January 23, 2019 News from the Studio

Given to my daughter by fans at her winter dance concert, I was struck by these beautiful floral arrangements and couldn't resist capturing them on canvas. Now they are available to brighten a home in perpetuity! Valentine's Day is coming - here are roses that will last forever!  

"Ballet Bouquets"  16"H x 20"W  Oil on Canvas Board

Four stylized bouquets in glass vases - each with a unique personality and color palette anchored by their green flower stems. The table top is rendered in burnt umbers that contrast with the greens and the background features a deep indigo blending to a cadet blue that contrast with the pinks and violets. A hint of bright red on the edge of the table complements the assorted flowers on the left. My challenge with this painting was to achieve balance and harmony with the competing elements. Let me know if I was successful!

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Emily Gilman Beezley

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