• Emily Gilman Beezley

January 14, 2019 News from the Studio

My first love as a visual artist was monotypes discovered at Colgate University where my work-study job was to monitor the printmaking studio. Other than a brief printmaking session at the Art Students League in New York after graduation, I put my love on hold until recently when I joined an art center with a printmaking press. Now I am rediscovering the magic that transforms ink and paper into art!

"Maine Coast" 8"H x 10"W Monotype on Paper

(11"H x 14"W with Matting and Frame)

Inspired by the craggy coast of Cape Elizabeth Maine this is a traditional one-of-a-kind monotype using etching ink transferred from a zinc plate to heavyweight printmaking paper. What makes "Maine Coast" stand out are the rich textured gray tones that emphasize the windblown landscape with just a subtle indication of clouds to indicate the sky and overall mood. Where to see my artwork:

For more information and available artwork click here.

Until next time,

Emily Gilman Beezley

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