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February 28, 2019 News from the Studio

Ink takes on a life of its own when applied to a zinc plate and transferred to wet paper. In art we use the expression "Happy Accidents" to describe these unexpectedly favorable results. My works on paper currently on display at the Northern NJ Art Center's Printmaking Exhibition in New Milford NJ have benefited from these serendipitous outcomes. 

  1. "Roadside Glory"  8"x10"  Watercolor and Pastel over Monotype on Paper

  2. "Blue Shark"  8"x10"  Watercolor over Monotype on Paper

  3. "Wind"  8"x10" . Monotype on Paper

Where to see my artwork:

Studio Montclair @ KW, 237 Lorraine Ave., Montclair NJ

Main Street Gallery, Manasquan NJ

NNJ Arts Association “Printmakers Exhibition” March 1 - 31, New Milford NJ

Cliffside Park NJ Public Library "Juried Spring Festival" March 2 - March 30

St. Catherine's of Bologna "20th Anniversary Celebration of the Arts" March 8 - 10, Ringwood NJ

"Wayne PA Art Center's Regional Juried Spring Open" March 31 - May 4, Reception March 31

Art and Life, An Interview with Emily Gilman Beezley

For more information and available artwork for sale click here.

Until next time,

Emily Gilman Beezley

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