• Emily Gilman Beezley

February 19, 2019 News from the Studio

I have done several whimsical "In a Chair" works of art with subjects seated on a sea-creature covered upholstered chair solidly centered amid a sand beach, ocean and sky backdrop. Using a nuanced color palette, "Cat in a Chair" combines my love of pet portraits, seascapes and underwater inspirations.

"Cat in a Chair"  24"x18"  Oil on Canvas

Rendered in a primitive style the cat poses in a human-like seated position staring back at the viewer with a bold expression emphasized by wide open eyes. The chair is a phantasmagorical assembly featuring patterns of barnacles, starfish and seaweed set in swirling water. The chair pillow mimics the composition of the painting. The background features stylized sand, ocean and sky.

Where to see my artwork:

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Emily Gilman Beezley

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