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July 20, 2018 News from the Studio

Recently I was interviewed by the VoyagePhoenix travel zine and asked to provide a few images of my Arizona inspired artwork to be included with the article. I had painted two different versions of "McDowell Mountains" and couldn't decide which one to submit so I asked my Facebook friends to vote on the one they liked best. Not knowing what to expect, I was surprised not so much by the votes which ended up in a tie but with the passionate responses on why they preferred one over the other. This reinforced the subjectivity inherent to all artwork and why as a collector you should always follow your heart. So which "McDowell Mountains" did I choose? You can access my interview here.

    "McDowell Mountains"                                            "McDowell Mountains at Sunset"

       22"Hx28"W Oil on Canvas                                               18"Hx24"W Oil on Canvas

McDowell Mountains are a range in the Sonoran desert about 20 miles Northeast of downtown Phoenix and can be seen from many vantage points driving in and around Scottsdale. Growing up in Jackson Hgts., NY I was blown away by the amazing Arizona landscape and glorious sky that are so different from the Northeast. Both paintings are anchored by the deep purples and indigo blues of the mountains which are seen in sillhouette against sunsets.  McDowell Mountains includes the manmade structures along the bottom of the painting which resemble a freight train passing through the night. There is a mysterious greenish yellow glow behind the lower trees that add definition to the lower elements. McDowell Mountains at Sunset is all about the purity of nature with purple mountains majesty set against vivid streaks of oranges and reds. Which do you prefer?

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Until next time, 

Emily Gilman Beezley

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