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December 8, 2018 News from the Studio

On Saturday, my daughter danced in her annual holiday ballet concert - her last before heading off to college next year. It has been amazing seeing her progress from a mouse, to Clara, to the Snow Queen in the Nutcracker and I will miss this joyful way to kick off the Holiday season. It also reminds me of the inspiration that led to my "Ballet Rehearsal" series of expressionistic oil paintings that has kept me busy for 10 years with no end in sight. 

"Monet's Garden"  16"H x 20"W  Oil on Canvas

"Monet's Garden" depicts a moment during a dress rehearsal when the young dancers are gathered on stage costumed to represent the flowers at Giverny. The painting captures the girl's emotions of anticipation, nervousness, and playfulness while stressing the lighting effects and hyper-saturated colors of the theater. The color pallette is warm reds and oranges with cool pops of blue and violet.

Venues where you can see my artwork on display:

  • Solo Exhibition of "16 Small Works", Artists & Architects Salon, Ridgewood NJ

  • Main Street Gallery, Manasquan NJ

  • "Springboard" Exhibition, Glen Rock NJ Public Library Art Gallery

For more information and available artwork click here.

Until next time, 

Emily Gilman Beezley

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