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December 16, 2018 News from the Studio

Inspired by a dreamscape of the Jersey Shore, this one-of-a-kind monotype is small but has a ton of visual interest. What creates impact is the juxtaposition between the negative space (where no color has been added) and the vibrant blues, greens and oranges as well as by the variety of textures. Christmas is coming and there is still time to order original artwork! Check out my website for more available oil paintings and monotypes.

"Bright Wave"  8"H x 10"W / Framed: 16.5"H x 17.5"

Watercolor and Pastel over Monotype on Paper

"Bright Wave" is a monotype done with black etching ink on heavy printmaking paper overlaid with watercolor and pastel. In a deceptively primitive style, it depicts a shoreline, jetty, inlet and a giant wave cradling a smaller wave.  


Where to see my artwork:

  • Solo Exhibition of "16 Small Works", Artists & Architects Salon, Ridgewood NJ

  • Main Street Gallery, Manasquan NJ

  • "Springboard" Exhibition, Glen Rock NJ Public Library Art Gallery

  • Artsy Shark "Late Autumn Showcase" 

For more information and available artwork click here.

Until next time, 

Emily Gilman Beezley

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