"The Tenant of Wildfield Hall"

"'I have often wished in vain', said she, ''for another judgement to appeal to when I could scarcely trust the direction of my own eye and head, they having been so long occupied with the contemplation of a single object, as to become almost incapable of forming a proper idea respecting it.'" 

So speaks Helen Graham, an artist in Anne Brontë's "The Tenant of Wildfeld Hall", when asked if she is satisfied with her latest oil painting. This astute observation describes perfectly the artist 'bubble' I feel when creating alone in my studio. Whether I am in a frenzy of inspiration or plodding along it is hard to objectively critique my artwork and it can be months or even years before I decide that something is 'finished'.

I was on the fence for years staring at "The Four Seasons", one of my Ballet Rehearsal Series of oil paintings. Did I love it or was there something not quite right about it that I needed to fix. I stopped showing it until recently when I decided that the fact that I keep obsessively coming back to look at thepainting is exactly why I now believe it is one of my better works.
I may still change my mind but for now it is available in my online gallery!
Artfully yours,
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"The Four Seasons"
Oil on Canvas, 22"H x 28"W