The Story Behind the Artwork!

Yesterday I announced my giveaway of "Poppies Rejoice", a depiction of 'Hope Springs Eternal' with poppies that really do pop! Bursts of cheery red flowers are juxtaposed against a gritty landscape. In the distance are mountains under a stained glass sky of delicate shades of pink, lavender and aqua. On the horizon a glimpse of sunlight symbolizes brighter days ahead. All together an ode to optimism and a better future.

BTW... This isn't just for new customers; it's a celebration of my improved website - woohoo!!! So don't forget to check out and enter to win a free print of "Poppies Rejoice" while you're there!

Please share this with your circle of friends and followers. Whoever refers the winner will also receive a print of "Poppies Rejoice"!
The winner will be announced on Monday, March 15th.
Good luck,

-Emily Gilman Beezley

P.S. Any questions or feedback? Just hit reply and let me know.

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