You'll feel great about purchasing notecards or a print of "Mia", a rescued tabby with plenty of attitude! All proceeds benefit The Spayed Club Clinic, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit committed to solving cat and dog overpopulation in the Philadelphia area. Plus it is my good friend Donna's birthday!!! We met many years ago working at Merrill Lynch and now Donna is the dedicated Clinic Director of The Spayed Club where she works around the clock to keep the clinic running (A task made even more difficult during the pandemic). So many happy returns to Donna and to all the deserving fur babies!!!

Here is Mia sending you a message to help out less fortunate felines! When you are cuddling up with your pampered pets, how can you not think about all the unwanted animals that never get a chance to experience a loving home? Plus let's face it, Mia is a supermodel!

"Mia" - Print"
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"Mia" - Notecards
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ArtFully Giving,

P.S. Check out and donate directly to the The Spayed Club Clinic!