Holiday Traditions

Having a Protestant Mom and a Jewish Dad, people wonder about my holiday traditions. My parents divorced when I was 5 so most years I had 2 Christmases - one with my Mom and one with my Dad. Funnily enough my Mom embraced the stereotypical Jewish Christmas Day movie followed by Chinese takeout. Plus it was my Mom who lit the menorah while belting out "Hannukkah, Oh Hannukkah" (Yes I do carry on this tradition much to the mortification of my kids!). My Dad on the other hand went full out for the big tree and ornaments and on one memorable occasion had us hold hands at dinner while his girlfriend said grace. [Side note: My parents were married by Algernon Black at the Ethical Culture Society in New York. In the 60s they 'became' Unitarian finding fellowship with liberal leaning activists (along with infamous Star Island retreats).]

This year the Beezley holiday traditions were mostly a bust. No niece and nephew helping to trim the Christmas tree to officially kick-off the season, no Christmas Eve dinner with my brother and his family, no extended family party at my Aunt and Uncle's... The one highlight for me was teaching the kids to play charades - it was kids versus parents and made for a memorable night with lots of laughs. I'm optimistic that this will become a new holiday tradition!