"Cumulus Congestus"

"Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons every where
Looked at clouds that way"
- First verse of "Both Sides, Now" by Joni Mitchell

I am a devoted cloudspotter! I take photos of clouds that inspire me and am always looking up at the sky as it changes throughout the day. With "Cumulus Congestus", a large cloud formation hovers over a stylized sea with a hint of land on the horizon. I first sketched the elements onto the canvas with black etching ink using loose brushstrokes and spatter. Next I applied oil paint using a color palette that glows against the black backdrop. The black ink marks unify the composition while the areas of negative / white space between the elements add emphasis to the vibrant colors. The composition is a nod to printmaking where typically a print is displayed with white borders to show off the embossed plate edges. 

I often use instagram to see what kind of reaction I get for my new artwork.I recently posted "Cumulus Congestus" and got some really interesting comments:

  • "This is beautiful, almost reminds me of the pearlescence of a clam shell" -Niki Baker
  • "This is such a compelling work! I love the white space/white of the paper working as the negative space- serves as a wonderful tension between the cloud and the landscape! Wonderful!" -Cameron Schmitz

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"Cumulus Congestus"
Oil and Etching Ink on Linen Canvas
 30"h x 24"w / Framed: 31"h x 25"w x 1"D
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