ArtFul Alert: "Ballet Bouquets"!

"Ballet Bouquets"  Oil on Canvas Board

"What a perfect Mother's Day gift, beautifully rendered in your recognizable style yet so different too! Kudos and four bouquets for you!!!!" -Sharyn R., Hillsboro WI

These beautiful bouquets were give to my ballerina daughter in 2018 at one of her performances. I arranged them outside on my patio table and setup my easel to paint them. The 'finished' result was pleasing but seemed a bit flat so I put it in storage. Fast forward to this year when I had a eureka moment to glaze the painting.

"Glazing is a technique used to increase the depth and intensify colors in a painting. It can take your work from flat to luminous and glowing. Simply described, glaze refers to transparent paint that sits on top of opaque paint. It gives the paint beneath it a different effect to the viewer." -Google 

Can you see the difference below?