Art Storefronts and Me...

Last week I mentioned that my online gallery is now streamlined with a brand new SLEEK design to make it easier for you to find the perfect artwork, fine art reproductions and merchandise. I'd love to get your feedback so please check it out and tell me what you think. On that note shout out to Art Storefronts which is the cloud based technology that enables me to grow my business. If that sounds like a sales pitch it is sincere. Since migrating from a WIX platform to ASF last December I have been blown away by the amazing features built specifically for artists. Features like automated fulfillment for prints and augmented reality which lets you see my artwork on your walls in your space. The icing on the cake is that ASF uses the Salesforce platform and yes that is where I worked prior to starting my art business so ASF was like coming home full circle! I can go on and on about the community of artists, the marketing and sales guidance and the amazing support team but bottom line if you are an artist you need ASF! 
Here's a link with more info and don't hesitate to contact me to discuss in more detail!
ArtFully yours,