Accepting Commissions šŸ“Œ

Commissioned Oil Painting on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas
Size: 48"H x 60"W x 1.5"D

Commissions are an important part of my art business and I am always up for the challenge of collaborating with clients. Last year one of my most fun projects was a riff on "Red Poppies and Goldenrod" supersized to 4' x 5'. The clients' grand entrance hall features a black and white checkered floor and red door so they requested a bold statement artwork that could stand on its own. "Shelly's Poppies" is the result, named after my clients' beloved cat that was incorporated into the composition for a personal touch.

I can work from photos or as in the case with "Shelly's Poppies" take a new approach to existing artwork. Check out these sample commissions and hit reply to this email if Interested in having me bring your creative vision to canvas. I'd love to hear what is on your mind!ArtFully yours,

"Shelly's Poppies" now available as a Fine Art Reproduction, Tote Bag or Mug!