A picture worth a thousand words?

Last Wednesday I was thrilled to receive an email from the Colgate Scene, my alumni magazine, looking to feature my art in an upcoming edition! Yay! So now I just need a high resolution image of me with my artwork - how hard can that be?

The next morning I wake up early, the light is good, no rain in the forecast - Mr. Demille, I am ready for my close up! First step get into some artsy attire - it's super hot out so going with my "Fierce Love" tank top and a favorite pair of jeans (okay the only pair that I can squeeze into!). Next, I hang "Floral Matter" along my fence. I've been thinking about what art best represents me and also has vibrant colors that will pop - so my poppies triptych it is!  Last minute, I add "Come Sail Away" to show more of who I am as an artist.

Now comes the fun part... I get my fancy Canon camera (thank you Bruce!) with its tripod (thank you Ellen!), figure out how to set a timer for 10 seconds and snap pictures of me with the artwork. Easy? Nope... My face, hair, arms and legs do not cooperate and I am working up a sweat trying to figure out how to strike a pose (Where is Tyra Banks when you need her!). Finally Dennis comes to the rescue and snaps some more photos telling me all the time to 'work it' for the camera LOL. Et voilà! The only keeper is me looking like Justin Bieber crossed with Flock of Seagulls.

Disclaimer: I wan't going to send this but I got such a positive response on my Instagram feed... -That arbiter of good taste:)

Until next time, ArtFully yours,