3 Years and Counting šŸŽ‰

3 years ago I left the corporate world to pursue my art full-time. In my last company, at the 3 year milestone employees receive a desktop surfboard to commemorate that they are considered 'native'. At 5 years the employee becomes an 'elder' and at 10 years an 'expert'. I'd like to think that my art business has achieved 'native' status. I've been busy building and honing my online gallery, executing marketing campaigns, closing sales and figuring out back office accounting. During my journey I've encountered credit card fraud and scammers and learnt that not all gallery owners have integrity. I've also had amazing inspiring achievements winning exhibition ribbons, being awarded large commissions and helping over 100 happy customers. So while a surfboard would be awesome now that I'm living by the Jersey Shore, the best recognition for me is through creating and evolving my artwork and engaging with my wonderful clients and supporters.

Here's to reaching 'elder' and 'expert' status or as my Great Uncle Andy says "Carry On"!
ArtFully Yours,
Take a peek at my new SLEEK online gallery; yep still coding away...

Recent SOLD artwork now residing in CO, CT, IL, NC and NJ! 

"Fish Platter"
13"H x 16"W
Mixed Media on Paper

"Coastal Elements - Blue Morning"
11"H x 16"W
Mixed Media on Paper


"Peonies - White"
15"H x 12"W
Oil on Linen Canvas

"Regatta Rhythm & Blues"
30"H x 24"W
Oil on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

"Something's Brewing"
24"H x 36"W
Oil on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

Available Print

"Poppies Rejoice"
Available Print

"And the Water Shall Rise"
Available Print

On Exhibit: Inside Small "Take Flight" juried exhibition: "Wind"
On Exhibit: Art Fluent "LUMIÈRE" juried exhibition: "Feeding Time"